Chaplain's Corner

August 8, 2017

It is so hard to believe summer is over. I hope you all had many great adventures the past few months. Adventures are unusual and exciting, and sometimes dangerous. My sisters know how to find adventures. From skydiving, feeding elephants, serving on mission teams, stu...

September 21, 2016

College is full of anxiety-ridden situations and scenarios, and when even you finally graduate and move into the life of an adult that only brings in more responsibilities to worry about. It’s no surprise that you often go day to day frantically completing your tasks a...

August 19, 2016

You’re finally here. You finally made it to the place you’ve been dreaming about for years. You got into the college you wanted, you are now part of one of the greatest organizations on campus, classes are finally starting, and you have all the freedom in the world. Th...

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