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Dear potential new members, 


My name is Reagan Carney, and I have the privilege of serving as the Membership Vice President for the Zeta Xi chapter of Alpha XI Delta! It is my job to provide all potential new members with the best possible experience when coming through recruitment. I cannot wait to show each of you the home I have found here at Alpha Xi Delta!


I am beyond excited to meet and get to know each and every one of you! Recruitment at Auburn is a thrilling time for all those involved. These next four years are going to be the best years of your life! Recruitment is such a special time for us to show you how much we love Alpha Xi Delta, but most importantly it is about you! Staying true to yourself and having an open mind will allow you to experience all that recruitment has to offer. We can’t wait to learn all about what makes each and every one of you so special! Alpha Xi Delta is truly my home away from home and we can’t wait to show you why we love it so much!


Alpha Xi Delta has blessed me beyond words. From the moment I walked through the doors of Alpha Xi Delta, I was met with the most genuine kindness and I knew that I belonged. Alpha Xi Delta has filled my life with so many amazing women who encourage me, challenge me, and love me. I am so thankful to have found my best friends in my sisters that make Auburn home. They inspire me to be better everyday, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the community that I have found. My sisters and I have felt the unconditional love and acceptance offered within the Alpha Xi Delta chapter doors. It is my hope that you experience it too. In a time of uncertainty and transition, there is one thing you can be certain of - there is a home here waiting for you at Auburn and we hope to extend that to you in Alpha Xi Delta.


I am thrilled to greet all of you and get to know what makes you so unique while simultaneously showing you the gracious and kind hearts of our chapter. I cannot wait for you to meet my sisters, and I am even more excited for them to get to know you! 



Reagan Carney

Meet Our Membership Vice President

What to expect during Recruitment...

Potential New Member Orientation 

After you get settled into your new home away from home, you will meet your Pi Chi and the girls in your recruitment group. You will meet with these girls each morning before you start your day! This group is so special and you will be able to lean on them throughout the week.    

Ice Water Tea Parties 

Ice Water Tea parties are the first round of Recruitment where you get an introduction to every sorority. You will get to watch videos made by each sorority with your Pi Chi. This round is the perfect start to such an exciting week!  



Following Ice Water Teas, Philanthropy parties take place over a three-day period. Each chapter will explain their philanthropy and tell you how they get involved throughout the year. What better way to learn more about your potential sisters? 



Sisterhood parties may be the most exciting and fun round of recruitment! Each chapter room is decorated to show the chapter's personality. The sisters get to show you their favorite things about their chapter! By this point in the week, you should begin to have an idea of where you will call home for the next four years! 


Preference Day 

Preference parties are the last parties before bid day. They are more serious than the other parties throughout the week. Each chapter will express how their sisterhood has changed their lives and what it means to belong to their sisterhood, so don’t be surprised if you see tears! Although emotions may be running high, everyone will be waiting with smiling faces and open arms to greet you on Bid Day! 

My name is Leland Anderson, and I am blessed to be able to serve
Alpha Xi Delta as this year’s New Member Educator (“Mama Bear.”). I’m
delighted to play such a big role in welcoming home our new member
class and sharing the ups, downs, and all arounds of Freshman year
with them.
As “Mama Bear”, I get to be there for the new members as they figure
out and fall in love with the Auburn experience. I ensure that all new
members will feel loved, welcomed, and valued as a sister of Alpha Xi
Delta. I promise to always be a shoulder you can cry on, to listen to you
vent and to be your biggest cheerleader. As amazing as your freshman
year experiences will be, there will come a season of transition that will
test your limits. My job is to be a “Mama Bear” to the new members
during those trying and triumphant times and to ensure that they feel
secure in Alpha Xi Delta and the Auburn community.
Potential new members about to go through recruitment, one piece of
advice that I can give you is no person or process is perfect. So, keep
on smiling because you are here for a reason. This week will be full of
hectic emotions and at times you will feel overwhelmed, but do not let
it dull your smile or sadden your heart, you are all gracefully talented in
your own unique way. Be proud of yourself during this process.
Celebrate the little things and at the end of the day, everything always
has a way of working out.

Leland Anderson


Meet Our New Member Educator


Legacy Policy

Effective July 29, 2020, Alpha Xi Delta has eliminated all preferential treatment given to legacies during the recruitment process. The previous policy stated that legacies must be invited through the first round of invitational events. In addition, any legacy who attended the chapter's Preference event had to be placed at the top of the bid list. All chapters will now treat legacies equally to all potential new members during recruitment. Legacies are still defined as any granddaughter, daughter, sister, or niece of an Alpha Xi Delta member in good standing, as well as step- or half-relations resulting from blended or other non-traditional family structures. Potential new members who meet our legacy definition will still be considered a legacy and celebrated after a bid is extended. However, chapters will no longer be permitted to give them preferential treatment throughout the recruitment process. 

Recommendation Policy

Auburn Alpha Xi Delta welcomes recommendations, but they are not required. 

Alumna can forward all letters of recommendation to the following email address:

Auburn University Fall Formal Recruitment Dates

June 1:  Recruitment registration begins online

July 14: Registration deadline

August 9: Kickoff & Virtual Ice Water Teas Round

August 10-12: In-Person Philanthropy Round

August 13-15: In-Person Sisterhood Round

August 16: In-Person Preference Round

August 17: Bid Day!

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