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Boundless Grace

Grace is key when it comes to our relationships. Relationships with friends, family, and even ourselves. It is important to offer grace to the people around us just like Jesus offers grace to us. This boundlessness is given to us by Him freeley, no matter what mistakes we’ve made. This is a lesson for us in our daily lives.

“Unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.” Ephesians 4:7. Christ has gifted us grace no matter how deep our sins are. We are imperfect souls loved and forgiven by a perfect God. He gave the strongest gift for us, His only Son, knowing we would sin, knowing we would fail. The plain word of the Lord is that He has given grace; that is, boundless, immeasurable grace—all the grace He has.

Because of this, we should give others grace. When we are wronged, it is easy to turn our backs and stick up our noses. It is much harder to embrace that person and offer them forgiveness. But, we are told to do just that. Not only is it told to us, but modeled. We are not perfect creatures, yet we expect the people around us to be perfect. And when they fail our expectations, we shut them out. Yet when we fail in God’s eyes, there isn’t even a moment of hesitation before forgiveness and love. So it is important we model that for others.

Furthermore, we need to offer grace for ourselves. We are going to mess up. We will sin and we will make mistakes. This is because we live in an imperfect world. However, we are met where we are by the One who is most important. The Lord wants every one of us to be saved, and that with the very fullness of salvation. He has given to every one of us the very fullness of grace, because it is grace that brings that salvation. So, allow yourself grace. You are not perfect and you never will be and that is okay. We are forgiven and met with grace. Boundless grace. Therefore, rejoice!


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