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Rejoicing In Today

2020 has been a year that none of us expected and that none of us will ever forget. I remember how excited everyone was for the new decade and the joys of spring semester. Looking back, I wish I had enjoyed some of those little moments more. Little did we know that when we left for spring break it would be our last day on campus as students for this school year. Throughout this quarantine season there have been countless times where I have questioned what this season is for. The past few weeks I’ve learned that this season has been for so much more than I ever thought possible. Yes, it’s been sad to not be with my friends every day and I even miss our walks to class even in the Auburn monsoons, but this season has taught me a whole lot about relationships. I’m thankful for technology and the amount of joy a FaceTime call can bring someone.

I’m not saying quarantine has been fun, but I know in 20 years I can look back and remember with gratitude the people God has placed in my life, especially for this season. The fact that even though all my college friends are at least 6 hours apart, we still feel so close. I know these people will be in my life forever, and I promise we will be joking about this season for the rest of our lives. I don’t do well being alone, but the people God has blessed me with at Auburn have made this season so much easier. I know when we are all together again it will be so much more joyful and none of us will take time together for granted.

Psalm 118:24 says: “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

This verse has been on my heart daily during this season. Since realizing how we are never promised another day and the reality that the Lord’s plan will always triumph over our own plans, I have taken this verse to heart to find the joys each day to praise him for it. These little joys could be anything from a good meal, to a text from a friend, to going on a walk or anything that makes you smile that day. Although 2020 has been something none of us ever thought possible, I hope it is a season of growth for you. I hope you take this season to evaluate your relationships and see how blessed you are with your friends and family. My hope and prayer is that this season prepares us to return in the fall will full hearts and that we have learned how to rejoice and be glad in the day that the Lord has prepared for us. My prayers are with the health care workers and the people that lost out on special memories during this season. Even though we might not understand it yet, this is the season the Lord has made for us. He uses trials in our lives to strengthen us, and He is using this season for something good. May you find the joy and rejoice in it daily.

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