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A Message From Our President

Welcome to the Zeta Xi Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. I am so glad that you have taken the time to
visit our site! Reflecting on my time in this chapter I am often overwhelmed by the love and
support that I have been shown these past years. The women of Alpha Xi Delta are the ones that
will celebrate your victories. They are intentional in the way they seek out others. They are
strong in their pursuits and are encouraging in yours. Every member uses their unique traits to
lift others and I am better for knowing every one of them.
Since 1979, the Zeta Xi chapter has been faithfully dedicated to serving our community,
strengthening the bonds of our cherished sisterhood, and improving our beloved Auburn
University. Inspired by the rich tradition and high ideals that were laid out back in 1893, our
chapter has been guided for over forty years on Auburn’s campus, and we continue to seek new
ways to reach greater heights. I am excited to see what will unfold during the next year as I serve
my term as Chapter President. I have already been incredibly blessed by this sisterhood, full of
kindhearted, gifted, and charming women, and I will be forever grateful for the lifelong
friendships I have made and the lessons I have learned while in Alpha Xi Delta.
During my own recruitment, I felt all the emotions of being excited, nervous, and anxious of
what was to come. As soon as I spoke to the sisters in Alpha Xi Delta, this feeling subsided, and
I knew that I had found the place I wanted to call home. Alpha Xi Delta has given me the most
loving and best friends that I could have ever asked for. From day one, the girls have encouraged
me, loved me, and challenged me. Alpha Xi Delta is filled with intentional, kind, and authentic
women who embody what it means to be an Alpha Xi Delta woman. They inspire me to be better
everyday, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the community that I have found.
Whether you are a young woman considering Greek life at Auburn, one of our beloved alumnae
seeking the latest chapter update, or perhaps a friend or family member of one of our sweet
sisters, we are grateful for your interest in and support of our chapter. I hope by scrolling through
our site you see the many interests and personalities behind the faces of Alpha Xi Delta. Please
feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

War Eagle, 
Mary Ashley Gandy

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