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It is so hard to believe summer is over. I hope you all had many great adventures the past few months. Adventures are unusual and exciting, and sometimes dangerous. My sisters know how to find adventures. From skydiving, feeding elephants, serving on mission teams, studying abroad, or hanging out on the lake, we know how to have fun. For me, I spent the whole summer traveling. One thing I have learned is that you can always find adventures in everyday situations.

Over this summer, I explored food adventures. I would seek new restaurants in new cities, read their reviews, and try their specialties. Even though most were amazing, some meals during these adventures haunt me. I found shopping to be another great adventure. I would seek out thrift stores, antique shops, and local shops. At these places, I can wonder who owned that beautiful type-writer or a best-selling top at a local shop. I have gained important pieces for my wardrobe and room. The best adventure of all this summer was the movie adventures. I would watch movies that weren’t top rated and possibly foreign. I always try my best to learn something from every film, show, or movie I watch.

One adventure I’m really excited for is the one happening soon. Bid Day. Bid day is the best adventure because my sorority sisters and I get to invite a new class of beautiful, smart, and independent girls into our sorority. I can’t wait to see what the future year holds and watch as we all grow and change the world.

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