Cora Bollinger Block

Served as Alpha Xi Delta`s first President and Grand President.

Harriett Luella McCollum

Harriett and Cora were roommates at Lombard College where their first plans for Alpha Xi Delta originated. 

Lewie Strong Taylor

Designed the Quill of Alpha Xi Delta.

Lucy W Gilmer

Served as Alpha Xi Delta`s first Vice President.

Alice Bartlett Bruner

Taught music at the Lombard Conservatory and her two daughters later joined Alpha Xi Delta.

Julia Maude Foster

Drafted Alpha Xi Delta`s first constitution. 

Almira Lowry Cheney

A pioneer in religious education who served as the Chaplain of the 12th - 14th National Conventions for Alpha Xi Delta.

Frances Elizabeth Cheney

Responsible for writing many of Alpha Xi Delta`s songs.

Bertha Cook Evans 

Served as a fraternity house director later in her life and had two daughters who joined Alpha Xi Delta.

Eliza Drake Curtis Everton

Served as Alpha Xi Delta`s second President.